Section 7 – Howland, Wager

Written by Sandy Kinter, from Waterford Genealogical Society E-Newsletter Volume 18 Number 11

Many of the people who owned land in Section 7 were reported in other Sections:

  1. L.L. Dewey or Levi Dewey, Section 19
  2. Frederick Bradley, Waterford Village
  3. A.G. Noble or Asahel Green Noble, Section 16
  4. S. Elwood or Solomon Clark Elwood, Section 18
  5. C. Wager or Charles Wager, Section 18

Unknown is L.L.R., 20 acres in the northwest corner of the section and P.H., 15 acres, east of L.L.R.’s property.

P.H. could possibly be Phineas Huntoon since he owned land not too far away on the other side of Maceday Lake, in Section 5.

Section 7 is now mostly part of the Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area. A shooting range is now in the northwest corner, surrounded by the state recreation area. The property once owned by Frederick Bradley now contains private homes and there are homes on the western shore of Maceday Lake. The Bradley family home is still standing on Williams Lake Road.

Jeremiah Howland
Mariette Wager

The 1870 census, page 596, Waterford Township, Oakland County, Michigan reports Jeremiah Howland, age 48, born in New York; Mariette age 38, born in New York; and Byron, age 8, born in New York. Then is listed Amanda McCall, age 25, domestic servant, born in New York and Byron Palmer, age 18, farm laborer, born in New York. The 1872 plat map shows the Howland property was on the western shore of Williams Lake and westward to Williams Lake Road. This also includes part of Section 8.

Jeremiah Howland was born 29 September 1821, in Ontario County, New York. (1)(4) He was the son of Jeremiah and Betsey Howland of Perinton, Monroe County, New York. (2) Jeremiah married Marietta Wager sometime between 1855 and 1860, in New York. (3)(5) The Howland family are still residents of Perinton, Monroe County, New York in the 1865 New York State Census. (4) Jeremiah purchased his farm in Sections 7 and 8, Waterford Township, with a deed dated 7 April 1866. (6) Jeremiah Howland died 5 January 1909, Waterford Township and is buried in the Drayton Plains Cemetery, Waterford Township. (1)(7)

Marietta Wager was the daughter of Benjamin and Fanny Wager, born 20 August 1831, in Ontario County, New York. (4)(8)(9) She was the sister of Charles Wager, of Waterford Township, Section 18; and Sarah Wager, wife of Frederick Bradley, whose biography is found in the Waterford Village biographies. Marietta died 7 November 1910, in Waterford Township. (8) She is buried with her husband in the Drayton Plains Cemetery. (7)


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