ScotlandsPeople – Find your Scottish ancestors


About Them:

Scotland’s People is the official government-run online database of Scottish historical and genealogical records. It provides access to a vast array of records dating back to the 16th century, including:

  • Census records: Population counts taken every 10 years, starting in 1841
  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates: Civil registration of vital events began in Scotland in 1855
  • Wills: Records of people’s final wishes, dating back to 1513

Users can search the database by name, place, date, and other criteria, and purchase digital copies of the records they find. The site offers a variety of subscription options, including pay-per-view and monthly plans, to meet the needs of both casual users and professional genealogists.

Scotland’s People is an essential resource for anyone interested in tracing their Scottish ancestry or exploring Scotland’s rich history and cultural heritage.


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