Hamilton County (Ohio) Genealogical Society



About Them:

Hamilton County Genealogical Society (HCGS) is a non-profit organization located in Hamilton County, Ohio, that is dedicated to promoting and supporting family history research in the county and surrounding areas. HCGS provides a variety of resources and support to individuals interested in tracing their ancestry and preserving their family history.

The society holds regular meetings, workshops, and classes to help members develop their research skills and knowledge. HCGS also maintains a research library and provides access to local historical records and archives to assist members with their genealogy research.

In addition to offering educational opportunities and resources, HCGS works to foster a community of individuals interested in genealogy and family history. The society provides a valuable resource for individuals seeking to connect with others who share an interest in tracing their roots and preserving their family’s history.

Membership in HCGS is open to anyone with an interest in genealogy, and the society is supported through membership dues, donations, and volunteer efforts. The society’s mission is to encourage and facilitate genealogical research, and to preserve and share historical information about Hamilton County and its families.


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