Trent University Archives


About Them:

Trent University Archives is the institutional archives of Trent University located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The archives are responsible for collecting, preserving, and making accessible the university’s historical records and documents, including minutes of meetings, reports, correspondence, photographs, and audio-visual materials. These records provide valuable insight into the history of the university and its role in the academic and cultural community.

The Trent University Archives serve as a resource for the university community, scholars, researchers, and the general public. The archives offer access to its collections through on-site research, reference services, and digitized collections available on its website. The archives also provide educational and outreach services, such as workshops, presentations, and exhibits, to promote an understanding and appreciation of the university’s history and heritage.

The Trent University Archives are staffed by professional archivists and are dedicated to preserving the historical records and documents of the university. The archives work to ensure that these records are available for future generations and that the university’s history is remembered and understood. By collecting, preserving, and making accessible the university’s historical records, the Trent University Archives play an important role in the preservation of the university’s heritage and the history of higher education in Ontario.


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