Library and Archives Canada


About Them:

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is the national archives and library of Canada, responsible for preserving and making accessible the documentary heritage of Canada. LAC holds a vast collection of records, including census records, military records, immigration records, and other historical documents, as well as books, maps, and photographs, covering a wide range of subjects and themes. The collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world, and is an invaluable resource for genealogists, historians, and researchers. LAC provides access to its collections through its website, and also operates a research center in Ottawa, where visitors can consult original documents and receive assistance from trained staff. In addition to its collections, LAC offers a wide range of educational and research resources, including online guides, workshops, and seminars, to help individuals discover their family history and learn more about Canadian history. Whether you are tracing your ancestry, researching Canadian history, or simply interested in learning more about the past, Library and Archives Canada is an essential resource for anyone interested in Canadian genealogy and history.


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