About Them:

FreeBMD is a British genealogy website that provides free access to transcribed records of birth, marriage, and death (BMD) registrations in England and Wales. The website is a volunteer-run project and is maintained by the FreeUKGenealogy charity. The aim of FreeBMD is to provide a comprehensive, searchable database of BMD records for the genealogy community in England and Wales. The site allows users to search for and view BMD records, which can be useful for tracing family history and genealogy. The records are transcribed from original registration documents, and the website provides information on the source of each record and the accuracy of the transcription. FreeBMD also offers a range of other genealogy-related resources, such as census records and parish records. The goal of the website is to make genealogy research more accessible and to help individuals discover and preserve their family history and heritage.


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